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Business Support Service
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Business Support Service
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We are able to provide you with the day to day support services as a cost effective solution to your business needs, at whatever level is necessary; allowing you to control and develop your business to its full potential.
We offer differing service packages to accommodate the type of business you operate with the provision of accurate information to evaluate your profitablity and sales revenue generation.
The art is to make best use of time in terms of maximising the return on the amount of money it costs to operate your business.
We provide information in an easily understandable form, without the jargon !
We provide the service of a complete setup of the business administration from start to finish in terms of registration with the relevant tax authorities and the setup of the administration/accounting systems, bank accounts and the formation
of a corporate entity if required.
(i.e. limited company)
A business risk/viability assessment can be arranged working with the client and forms part of the initial funding package provided to banks, etc.
Part of the available packages accommodates the filing of tax returns
(self assessment/PAYE/VAT) and the provision of your Year End Financial Accounts.
Plus the filing of corporate annual returns for your operation if necessary.
These can be dealt with as an agent on your behalf, on-line with HMRC and Companies House where necessary.
Self Employed, Corporate or Partnership
Can be handled by our team.
Again - No Jargon !
Business StartUps to SMEs
We are happy to support one man bands with the potential to grow with our support through to established businesses looking to diversify or restructure their operations.
Quality Specialist.
Quality Assurance Specialist - PhD, MBA, MSc (Including UK Defense Experience) ISO9000 series & ISO14001 Qualified Personel.
We have a highly skilled associate available to produce the full documentation and quality process package for many types of manufacturing environments. Contract quality certification is becoming more prevalant to secure government contracts.
Taxation Specialist.
Taxation Specialist skilled in specifically accepted tax avoidance programs for high wealth individuals and corporate entities.
Highly skilled associate with experience of umbrella corporations to maximise net income.
Also skilled in: (Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme) -SEIS, (Enterprise Investment Scheme) - EIS, (Venture Capital Trust Scheme) - VCT
Business Accountant.
Skilled in all areas of financial/management accounting - Qualified ACPA, CertIFR, CertIFR for SMEs, FIAB available to produce the full service package, or as much as you need.
ACPA - Certifed Public Accountants Association  -  FIAB -Fellow of the International Association of Book-keepers
CertIFR - ACCA-Certificate in International Financial Reporting  - CertIFR for SMEs - ACCA-Certificate in International Financial Reporting for SMEs

Other Business Support Services

Procurement and Inventory levels are an area of your business where bottom-line profitability can be increased substantially through the implementation of robust control systems.
At the same time by matching goods held to customer requirements minimises the risk of obsolescence/write offs hitting the bottom-line profits.  Plus, provides for an enhanced service delivery to your customers.
Happy Customer - Higher Profits  

   Inventory Management

Inventory Auditing

To cut the jargon !
The inventory count at the year end has a considerable effect on the bottom-line profits and in turn the tax payable to the authorities. The current standard term to value goods held is "First in First Out" (FIFO)
By ensuring the count and the valuation is verified gives more comfort to the board of directors and in turn the company auditors.  



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